Equine Back to Life

“She touched away my inner tenderness, and loved me back to life”

Throughout my life, i have been Interacting and living with horses starting from the age of 3, from race horses to hunt horses, owned and involved with horses for over 50 years, worked in liveries, riding school, groomed, assisted vets on yards, dentists, farriers, holiday horse sitting, assisted with birthing and fouling mares, including first few weeks, breaking in youngsters, including backing

Over the last few years, i have turned my attention to and focusing and applying myself, whilst utilising my knowledge and vast experience to gain the necessary qualifications and certificates to help and assist our dearest equine loves.

Sonia Wood

Cannie (12)

Light Therapy for Equine

Having recently studied and attended the Course, i have now qualified to utilise the Infrared Treatment Equipment, broading both my knowledge and skills.

I can now, in additon to the Massage Theraphy, offer treatment using Infrared.

Photizo Light Therapy Vetcare devices help accelerate the healing process of many varying conditions

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